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The University of South Carolina is the site of one of the most intact "landscapes of slavery" in the United States. Located at the heart of campus, the historic Horseshoe dates from the establishment of South Carolina College in 1801. What few realize as they traverse these grounds, however, is that the surrounding structures and the wall delimiting the perimeter are the material remains of slavery. Slave labor molded the bricks, constructed the buildings, and maintained the grounds until 1865. "Ghosts of the Horseshoe" is a mobile augmented reality (AR) application that endeavors to bring into view this largely unknown history. It invites visitors, University students, scholars, administrators, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding community to see the Horseshoe through a new lens. In the process, the Ghosts project hopes to affect how people approach and experience the Horseshoe as a site of historical erasure.

Special Thanks

Acknowledgments and Funding

The Ghosts project acknowledges and thanks the Dean of Arts and Sciences for bridge funding in Spring 2012, the Vice President for Research for 2012-2013 funding through the ASPIRE II program, and the Dean of Libraries for IT support.

We gratefully acknowledge the input and contributions of Professors Lydia Brandt, Susan Courtney, Bobby Donaldson, Laura Kissel, Simon Tarr, and Bob Weyeneth, and of Graham Duncan, Evan Kutzler, Celia James Galens, and University Archivist Elizabeth West.

The Ghosts project is affiliated with the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of South Carolina.

Student Contributions

Ghosts of the Horseshoe has been aided by the Fall 2012 coursework of the students in CSCE 590E and 790E, topics courses in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and FILM 511I and MART 795a, topics courses in the Film and Media Studies and Media Arts programs, respectively. A much earlier version was also drafted by students in a Fall 2011 class team-taught by Professors Cooley and Buell.

Dr. Heidi Rae Cooley Dr. Duncan Buell
Graduate Assistants
Richard Walker (May 2012-present) Celia James Galens (Dec 2012-present)
Amanda Noll (Jan 2013-present) Brian Harmon (May 2012-Dec 2012)
Current Students
Casey Cole, Robert Ellis
Fall 2012 Students
George Akhvlediani, Andrew Ball, Bryan Brewton, Chase Daigle, Renaldo Doe, Itamar Friedman, Mike Hughes, Olivia Keyes, Geoffrey Marsi, Ian O'Briant, Jess Tompkins

Resources and Publicity

Weyeneth et al., "Slavery at South Carolina College 1801-1865"
Slides from the December 4 presentation in the Gressette Euphradian Room at Harper College
A trailer for the documentary to be produced.
Media coverage by WLTX-TV
Media coverage by WIS-TV